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Yes, finally headed to Hainan. This might be the ship's new perma-home and with the new drydock, no need to swim back to Dalian for small things. I expect it to exercise or work with the Type 075 there.

We are going to miss all the close up sharp pictures of the ship in Dalian.
You have no idea how long I have been waiting for this moment. Remember this
It uses Qingdao as its main base. Who do you think that falls under. Whose ships do you think would more often escort the Liaoning?

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That was the SCS review. The 117 Xining is used with the 70th PLAN anniversary review, set in Qingdao.

And I keep telling you --- and that's also part of the report by Taiwan intelligence --- the trip to Sanya is done because it was too cold in Qingdao. Ships from the north would occasionally come down to the south in the winter months to exercise in the warmer weather. How many times do I have to tell you over and over that? That is something Taiwan authorities have long observed over the years.

Not important at all. China's tech revolution is actually well distributed. Where do you think Huawei's main research center is located at? Tencent? Loongson? None of it also matters.

The fleets being faced by the SSF is a lot more weaker than the NSF. Its been a while that they needed to redress this balance.

Australia is much farther from the Chinese coast than Japan or S. Korea. India is even further away. Japan and S. Korea has navies stronger than India and Australia, not to mention the 7th Fleet is based in Japan.

Your attempt to question the military superiority the NSF faces on their side is quite frankly ridiculous to even brought it up.

What's missing is the other CCP higher ups, Politburo, etc,. People who may not go to Sanya due to the sudden notice, but could easily go to Qingdao from Beijing because its much closer.

There is no fact. Each of the barracks ships are made for each of the ships' crews. Period. That's why there are two of these ships in the first place.

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So now you are admitting that the Shandong will be permanently based in Hainan instead of Qingdao eh ?
Called it ages ago, if the PLAN wanted the Shandong to be at Qingdao they would have done the commissioning ceremony there.