CV-17 Shandong (002 carrier) Thread I ...News, Views and operations


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For the Admiral Kuznetsov, the long airstrip port-side is 180 meters long, while the two shorter airstrips in front of the island are 90 meters long. We should have same length for the 002 and 001. length of the airstrip = ground roll, used to build up speed (Add to this the retractable supports that hold the main aircraft's landing gears until the desired engines performances are achieved).


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Is the Dongjian class ship in case an accident happens, an airplane or a landing craft goes down?

Spotting for uninvited submarines in the area trying to acquire acoustic signature of the new ship.

Listening for unwanted underwater intruders are also a job for escorting or following 056A and 054A sometimes seen near new ships in trials or exercises.