CV-17 Shandong (002 carrier) Thread I ...News, Views and operations

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With over 1,000,000 hits, the older thread has reached a point to be replaced by this new thread...number II.

The old thread:

PLAN Aircraft Carrier programme..News & Views

Will remain to view and browse. But it will no longer accept new posts.

Any new PLAN Carrier news, photos, videos, views etc. shold be posted here.

Here are some of the latest posts of the PLAN carrier program, Liaoning and 001A to get us started:

1st oicture of 001A on SD showing the dech bow ski jump insalled and island parts ready to install by Franklin:


Picture of mockup construction on Island by Taxiya


Picture of latest 001A construction in yeard by Steve_Rolfe:


Picture of depiction of 001A wonce island is added and the deck complete in the yard posted by Jeff HEad


Picture of comparison of Liaoning and current 001A posted by Deino:

PLN CV-001 vs 001A deck layout.png

Picture of comparison of Liaoning and completed 001A posted by Jeff HEad::


Carry on!

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There was a post in the closed thread about China not having the blueprints for Liaoning.

This article in SCMP said the blueprint was included.

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They may have...but by that date...and with the Soviet Union having gone completely bankrupt and with all the upheaval, it is easy to contemplate that they did not get a full set.

I am willing to bet dollars to doughnuts that the Chinese have created an entire set of their own new blue prints/master drawings for every aspect of 001A's build.


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FORBIN said:
I am not completely sure the 2nd is to 100 % Chinese...

For 056 no rudimentary an honnest Corvette even in a French Mag they say for her missions can do good job ofc is not a battleship. And to use in Flotillas.You are right, I wouldn't call it 100% Chinese.
You are right, I wouldn't call it 100% Chinese. Obviously the hull is "inspired" or "based on" by Liaoning (Varyag). But anything else (Avionic, Radar, propulsion, software, etc) are obviously ~99% Chinese (not 100% as some chips and other small parts may be made in outside China :) )

Yep except especialy design, we can consider indigeneous.
Liaoning differerent get a pedigree to 100 % Soviet/Russian or Ukrainian except propulsion a Dragon under the hood :)

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They have certainly made no blueprints, but CAD files.
There is no doubt that they are most probably CAD/CAE/CAM files which are driving the build of the 001A.

Their master files for the 001A is what we would have called blue prints in an earlier day...but those master files, in whatever from they have taken, are no doubt what has been created by and used by the Chinese to build this ship.

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One still has to print it out in paper (in large sheets) to be able to bring it out onto the job site anyway for easier reading and measuring as the construction progresses.
Exactly! They will have print outs of many, many CAD drawings, talking about them, arguing about them, discussing them, right there within the ship as it is built.