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In my opinion, many on the island of Taiwan have the mentality of a spoiled teenager. "I want freedom, but give me money to feed me!" Please do what any mature adult does. If you want freedom, sever ties with the mainland. Stop trying to make money from the mainland. Cut export to the mainland. You can choose whom you sell your goods to. If you think it is the mainland who desperately needs Taiwanese products and technologies, then that would be more the reason to punish the mainland for being bad to Taiwan, yes? Cut the tie then! Don't give them the technologies that they can use to arm their missiles and use them to threaten you! Let the mainland suffer the consequences. Show them what to come when they treat the Taiwanese badly... Give them thunder! Then make them come to you and begging for mercy.


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Can we not bothered with this back and forth of Identity, it falls right into the hands of the independent group, and suite and follows their narratives exactly.

what these people is trying to do is isolate the vast majority of Chinese, The 1.4 billions of us who thinks that Taiwan is forever a part of China, Further more, the reasons the current situation is as it is, it is because of these blxxdy foreigners that has made it so. And they continues to do so, which is an affront to all decent Chinese people world wide. And this guy here in this forum typify and magnify this more so.

It is funny, that you don't him saying the Catalan over whelming voted to be independent of Spain, Only for him to say that it is illegal, because the votes hasn't been sanction by Spain. Well, If Spain can have a veto on Catalonia independent, then i can't see why 1.4 billion people should be disenfranchise?

So please do not respond to give him air on this strawman argument.

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It's for the SCS islands, I believe, so it has some actual military utility.

The LHD is a crazy idea (though still more useful than those next generation DDGs that sensibly seemed to have been dropped).
As the saying goes, steel is cheap. It probably isn't that more expensive for Taiwan to built something that size (I think it's only 10,000 t?) than something a bit smaller.

It's probably also even useful in peacetime, as last year China played silly buggers by closing HK's airspace to a Taiwanese transport flying into the SCS "for reasons". Having more options to resupply outlying islands is therefore a good idea.