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China is up to 3 gold at present in the FINA swimming world championship

2 golds in synchronised swimming admittedly in large part cuz the perennial champions Russia are banned.

3rd gold in 200m women's freestyle. Along with a bronze.

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My fave swimmer Zhang Yufei got bronze after silver in Olympics. Even though the Olympics champion wasn't competing for some reason. Zhang pet event should be the 200m though.

Gold and Bronze in 200m freestyle.

Chinese Yang Junxuan triumphs in women's 200m freestyle at FINA worlds

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- Good point on Russia needing to develop its sport equipment industry. Or maybe work with China. Or just import from China. Lol.
- Russia will probably have to Look East more now that it is getting shunned by Europe. Eg Russian Chess Federation was forced out of European Chess Federation and has joined Asian Chess Federation


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Update on FINA world swimming championship in Budapest

Good and not so good news regarding chinese team

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In absence of Russia, chinese artistic swimming team dominated with 4 golds already. Very successful outing.

In regular swimming, lack lustre showing. Most of Olympic champions are in poor form. Stars like Wang shun, Xu jiayu performed poorly probably due to disruption in training. But zhang Yufei had 3 bronzes.

Worryingly lack of young promising swimmers emerging. Except Yang gold 200m free womens and Pan 4th place 100m men's free. Alot of room to improve.

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In diving it's looking like China is again crushing 1the competition. Should be close to a sweep of events. And matter of which of the Chinese diver will win and not which country diver.

Chen yuxi surprisingly got gold in 10m platform over Quan, the young diving phenom who became a star after Tokyo Olympics. They were separated by less than a point though.
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First time he out qualified his far more experienced teammate so it's surprising good result. I dun want to be naysayer but most analysts think his potential is limited. But he will be known in history for record breaking Chinese in F1.
Maybe he is the Jos Verstappen of China and he will mentor the next generation to produce the Max Verstappen of China.