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"Bliznyuk leaves to work as a coach in China, she is a three-time participant in the Olympic Games, she has two gold and one silver medal, which should also have been gold."

Love it. So Very Irina Viner. This is a good step though. Russia until recently is traditionally so dominant in this sports. I'm hoping synchronised swimming is next but I dun know if Russia will agree here lol. China is 2nd best team in the world.

Maybe in figure skating as the gap especially in women's single is so large..So it's more mutually beneficial


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Not bad. Zhou qualified in ten place. If he can maintain this position in the race he will get his second set of points this season. Not too bad for the rookie.
First time he out qualified his far more experienced teammate so it's surprising good result. I dun want to be naysayer but most analysts think his potential is limited. But he will be known in history for record breaking Chinese in F1.


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Formula 1: Zhou Guanyu ‘super happy’ for Alfa Romeo team after coming 8th at Canadian Grand Prix​

  • Chinese driver bags best result of F1 career in Montreal and says it was no more than his team deserved
  • Teammate Valtteri Bottas finishes seventh, as team boss calls drivers’ performance ‘a nice reward for a few tough weekends’

Think someone above got disqualified hence everyone was pushed one position up.


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China is up to 3 gold at present in the FINA swimming world championship

2 golds in synchronised swimming admittedly in large part cuz the perennial champions Russia are banned.

3rd gold in 200m women's freestyle. Along with a bronze.


My fave swimmer Zhang Yufei got bronze after silver in Olympics. Even though the Olympics champion wasn't competing for some reason. Zhang pet event should be the 200m though.
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