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Zhang shuai prevailed in 3 sets against Ukraine player dayana yastremska at Lyon open. A 250WTA tennis event. For those unaware, Yastremska failed a dope test last year but ban was lifted later on in controversial manner.

Very impressed with how Zhang handled the volatile atmosphere. Lyon is where Yastremska lives so she has hometown advantage plus of course the war situation everyone in audience is pro Ukraine, which Yastremska used to her advantage, whipping up more support by wrapping a Ukraine flag over shoulders when she arrived in the court. Apparently there were some trolls in the audience too targeting zhang during the match according to the weibo blogger.


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Zhang Shuai (note: not Zheng Shuai) won the Lyon Open tennis competition.
She was harassed by the crowd that supports the Ukrainian opponent.

Obviously GT wasn't happy about hooligan politics and has this to say:
It is not hard to imagine what political frenzy it would bring to the Western crowd if Zhang had not managed to win. During her performance, this Chinese athlete freed herself from political disturbance and let the spirit of sports play. It showcases Chinese-style confidence and calmness, which serves as the loudest slap on the West's hooligan politics.

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FIDE Candidates will be from tomorrow to July. People I'm looking out for are Hikaru Nakamura and Ding Liren. If Hikaru Nakamura could Twitch stream his Candidates it would be hilarious.

I'm pretty sure either Ding Liren or Alireza Firouzja will win Candidates. Let's see.