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PLAN Sovremenny DDG 136, 137, 138 & 139 Thread

asif iqbal

what ship is that next to Sov?

637 a small tanker? what class anyone ?

the Chinese panicked into buying the Sovs back in the 1990s when Taiwan issue happened

I am not sure how capable and integrated they are in the PLAN

really are second rated DDG, 115 and 116 at least can be fully integrated

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The big question for me was whether the 136/137 would retain the AK-630s or would switch to the Type 1130s, and if so, how many and where. This question seems to have been definitively answered.

Also one less FCR for the HHQ-16 than for the Shtils.
Actually, two FCR less. Down from six to four.


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What is the slanted rack where the sunburn missile canister use to be?
Most likely racks for YJ-12 missiles. Should note that the ship is still in trials as when the picture was taken, so when she's done with that, she will likely get a new coat of paint, and the ASMs installed.


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YJ-12 are finally being added to the ship.

Tweet by @horobeyo.

Translated from Japanese by
Begin to equip 136 Hangzhou ships with YJ-12. Compared with the conventional P-270 (right), the difference in size is obvious.