PLAN Sovremenny DDG 136, 137, 138 & 139 Thread

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Not perfect though. The illustration lacks the Type 364 radar dome that should be installed on the mast behind the funnel, which is going to happen if there is a refit. The VLS numbers should be cut by half. Kite Screech should be gone, replaced by Type 344 radar, MR123s replaced by Type 346G. Type 382 does not have the IFF between the plates of Top Plate like shown here.
Well let's not get too nitpicky; the point of the illustration was exclusively as part of a series of images showcasing various VLS configurations and was not meant to represent a totally accurate post-refit Sov.


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I don't see that. The height of 2x3 YJ-12 wouldn't be more than 2x2 Moskit. Remember Moskit arrangement on Sovs is a bit unusual (like hangar)
Wiki credits same diameter for both. Even with a smaller container, 3 YJ-12 will be higher than 2 Moskits


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Progress on 137 seems to be going faster now. The ship now has new radars. Via LKJ86 at the PDF.

View attachment 55145

Someone pointed out to me that if you look carefully on this picture, you will spot a stripped down 054 behind 137. This should be the missing 524 that I have not seen around. 525 is also stripped down but it is on another yard.

Theory. This is where the 054 will also get their mid life refits. After 137 is done with her refit, it will be 524 that will get hers next. Not 138. 138 will still be sailing as is for a while. After 524, it may be 525, or maybe 168 or 169. Those three ships are moored and waiting, queued in line for their mid life refits. There should be another yard that is authorized to do such refits, namely the one that did the 167 Shenzhen's.