PLAN Sovremenny DDG 136, 137, 138 & 139 Thread


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Before Type 052C and 052D, there are four unsung heroes uplifting the PLAN until the introduction of modern DDG!


Hangzhou (136) - 杭州 - sold to China before completion. (1999)


Fuzhou (137) - 福州 - sold to China before completion. (2000)


Taizhou (138) - 泰州 - improved 956EM built for China. (2005)


Ningbo (139)- 宁波 - improved 956EM built for China (2006)​

With the introduction of modern Type 052Cs and 052Ds, where will they fit in the future?


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Basic information:

Class overview

Builders: Severnaya Verf (Zhdanov Shipyard)

Operators: Soviet Navy, Russian Navy and People's Liberation Army Navy

Preceded by: Kashin class destroyer

Succeeded by: Project 21956

In commission: 1980

Completed: 21

Active: 5 in Russia, 4 in China

Retired: 12 in Russia

General characteristics

Type: Anti Aircraft and Anti Ship Destroyer

Displacement: 6,200 tons standard, 7,940 tons full load

Length: 156 m

Beam: 17.3 m

Draught: 6.5 m

Propulsion: 2 shaft steam turbines, 4 boilers, 100,000 hp (75,000 kW), 2 fixed propellers, 2 turbo generators,and 2 diesel generators

Speed: 32.7 knots

Range: 14,000 nm at 14 kt

Complement: 350

Sensors and processing systems: Radar: Air target acquisition radar, 3 × navigation radars, 130mm gun fire control radars, 30mm air-defence gun fire control radar

Sonar: Active and passive under-keel sonar

ES: Tactical situation plotting board, anti-ship missile fire control system, air defence, missile fire control system, and torpedo fire control system

Electronic warfare & decoys: 2 PK-2 decoy dispensers (200 rockets)

Armament: Guns and Missiles
  • 2× 4 Moskit SSM P-270 (SS-N-22 'Sunburn')Anti-ship missiles
  • 2× 24 Shtil SAM(SA-N-12 'Grizzly)
  • 4× (2×2) AK-130-MR-184 130 mm guns
  • 4× 30 mm AK-630 Gatling guns

  • 4× (2×2) 533 mm Torpedo tubes
  • 2× RBU-1000 300 mm anti-submarine rocket launcher
  • Helicopter: 1× Ka-27 'Helix'

NOTE: DDG 138 & 139 had their aft gun removed and fitted in with CIWS!
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Thanks for this thread.

As I have stated in the past, these vessels are strong and capable.

The PLAN purchased four of them altogether, the last two being an upgraded variety. But in addition to those four, the PLAN also built the two Type 052B vessels, which are essentially the PLAN indedegenous Sov, so there are really six vessels with very nearly the same capability and weapons fit.

IMHO, they will serve in the PLAN for at least another 20 years, and each of them would be a welcome and a strong addition to any Surface Action Group (SAG) or Amphibious Ready Group (ARG). The would also be able to perform any strong individual exercise or mission for the PLAN, such as a show the flag mission whenever necessary.

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you do realize that 138 and 139 joined after 052B and 052C?

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you do realize that 138 and 139 joined after 052B and 052C?
Yes. But the timing of those two Type 052Bs between the first 2 sovs and the second two sovs is not the point I was trying to make (although that timing actually serves to punctuate my point).

In essense, the Type 052B are vessels that mimick the weapons fit of the Sovs. They do have 16 SSMs instead of 8, but their AAW, main gun, ASW, main sensors, etc. armaments are essentially the same.

IMHO, the timing is interesting though. They bought the first two Sovs in the 1990s. Then in 2002 they made a deal to buy two more. This must have been about the same time they were starting the Type 052Bs. The Type 052Bs were launched in 2004. Both of the new Sovs were launched in Russia in 2004 as well. Then delivered in 2005 and 2006 respectively. So it was all going on about the same time frame...and indicates that the PLAN was committed to this type of weapons fit and vessel and now has 6 of them to fulfill their needs. I believe they will be keeping them for the foreseeable future.
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(IMO) Somewhat like 051C and 052C, the 052B and Sov purchase was a "dual track" acquisition.
Could be to some extent.

But they bought the first two Sovs some years earlier.

Then about the time they were getting ready to build the two Type 052Bs, the made a deal with Russia for two more Sovs. So, those two...the Type 052Bs and the second Sovs could indeed have been dual track.

The result is that they got all six. And they all have about the same sensor suite and same armaments.

Good vessels for their role.


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Yes Jeff.. this thread is dedicated to these Sovs.

For sharing of all Sovs pictures whether in PLAN or Soviet Navy & Russian Navy but mainly of China's Sovs.


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P270-Moskit (NATO: SS-N-22)

Launch range:
min: 10 km
max: (3M-80E/3M-80E1) 120/100 km

Missile flight speed: 2,800 km/h

Missile cruising altitude: 20 m

Launch sector relative to ship’s lateral plane, ang.deg: ±60

Launch readiness time:
From missile power-on till first launch: 50 seconds
From combat-ready status: 11 seconds
Inter-missile launch time (in a salvo): 5 seconds

Launch weight:
3M-80E missile 4,150 kg
3M-80E1 missile 3,970 kg

Warhead type: penetrator

Warhead weight: 300 kg

Length: 9.385 m
Body diameter: 0.8 m
Wing span: 2.1 m
Folded wing/empennage span: 1.3 m
Period of storage 1.5 years

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