PLAN 2018 Review (Jeff Head)


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Jobjed...I jhave no quarell with you are with the Chinese people.

Please stop trying to pick a fight and a quarell where none is deisred or warranted.

I am not betteer than anyone.

I believe the US still ha a sigifnicant advantage in severaal areas. That may or may not last.

The US has been strong for two hundred years not because its people are any better as individuals than anyone else.

It is strong because people came here for freedom...and particulalry to worship God according to the dictates of their hearts.

The majority of Americans are still that way, and I believe God will honor that so His message can coninue to go forth...not to make us bette than anyone, but ass a beacon so people can become all they are capable of being.

We have problems in America because there are groups that do not want to believe or accept this...with freedom comes repeonsibility. I believe the American peoeple will rise to that challenge and America can become that kind of strong again...its the only strength that really matters...that moral strength...and it is ad should be available to everyone...but only on a free will basis.

Anyhow the whole point to this discussion is for me to let you know that I seek no quarell with you or anyone else. And that I do not believe I or any groups is better than anyone else. We are all equally loved and important in God's eyes...all else that makes America flows from that.

Anyhow...I pray God's best on you and yours.

I ray sincerely that the Chinese people will rise themselves and obtain true freedom. They are cllearly capable of great things...and I know that a truly free people can obtain the most possible good for themselves and their oloved ones.

I hope that hapens for all peoples.

I do have interesst in these technolgies. And I do have interests in the alliances of people with shared values when it comes to true liberty.

...and I hope America will repent of some of the things it has done wrong (like any nation should) and regain its strength in the process.

I rrespect greatly the Chionese people...I know thye are proud of what they are accomplishing...and they deserve to be, particularly as they use these strengths to forge forward peasfully and make friends with those who should and could be their friends.

That is my firmest and heartfelt hope.

I may not live to see it...but I also know that I will see it from where I know I will be after my mortal life is over.

In the neam time, I hope you will accept my words here as they are sincerely given.

SD is great place and has been for years. I hope it remains so.

To you, to @bd popeye to @Obi Wan Russell to @tphuang to @Equation to @Air Force Brat to @duncanidaho to @Deino to @siegecrossbow to @WebMaster to @Dfangsaur and all others here, I say these things in humility and sincerely. My own health ontinues to deteriorate and I know the Drs are amazed that I have lved almost two years now when back then they said I had 3-4 months left. But I know there are things the good Lord wants me to do, and I will do it as long as I can.

And in the mean time...just let's bury whatever hatchet. Okay?

God's speed.
Hang in there Jeff


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Jeff are you kidding people here ?
095 could only match the LA class?
The 093B already match the LA class.
Both statements are equally hard to prove.

Submarine capability jump isn't about one or two key advancements in key areas.
Twice so much against anopponent considering it as a key investment for last half century.


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Jeff are you kidding people here ?

095 could only match the LA class?

The 093B already match the LA class.

The highly advanced 095 will be at least equal to Virginia class SSN if not exceed it in performance.

BTW, here is a good article:

Why Chinese submarines could soon be quieter than US ones

Watch out for the advanced electric pump jet China is developing right now !!

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I'd say at the 095 should be on par with the Seawolf class at the very least. I'm not sure if the 093B can achieve the 688i level but the next generation sub should definitely do it. Chinese propulsion and acoustic quieting technologies have advanced by leaps and bounds since the 093's were launched ... we'll see the 095/096 reflect that. I don't think Chinese nuclear sub tech is as behind as some suggest ... it's probably the most secretive field of the PLAN.
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Thank you for the great analysis, and godspeed for the future, Jeff. I never post here, only lurk and read, but I've learned so much from your work and this community and the corners of the internet they've sent me to, or translated things I would never have known of otherwise... I've gained a healthy respect for the Chinese people and their efforts where only contempt had existed, and a much more realistic view of America's place in the world and in the future. I will always be sending interested friends to your PLAN Reviews for a comprehensive overview of China's resurgence.
Thank you.

I do no view you as an adversary. More of a friend waiting to happen. Which is also my fondest hope for US - Sino relations.

Read my comments to JobJed above a few posts for how I feel. I will "ping" you to it.

God's best to you.
Hi Jeff, it's been demonstrated over time that we have major differences of opinion but I can only agree with your sentiments to Dfangsaur above and wish for good US-Sino relations.

Thank you for your contributions to this forum, sharing your personal stories, and your example of great positive attitude in the face of serious health issues. I wish you the best and hope you will keep participating in the forum for a long time to come.


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I stated why I felt the way I did. You do not accept it. That is fine and there is no need to make accusations or use back handed or open handed belittling... As I said, it is clear we fell differently and you have every right to your own opinion.

There is a huge difference ein the amount and time in testing, and a maintain of actual tests that the US has published with little to none from the PRC.

This is true...people can fell why it is so and have differing opinions of it.

No need to go on and on about the is clear where we both strand and folks can decide for themselves wiothout endless debate, bickering, and any belittling of one another.
This is what I wait to read every new year!
Great job. I'm sure you will be healthy enough to write the next year report too.

I think what you say and what blitzo is trying to convey about railgun progress are not comparable.

US projects have to show progress in order to get more and more funding because most weapon systems are developed by private companies. If they all had DARPA funding, we will never know about it. So the openness is part publicity and part sales pitch to the military for cash to continue.

The Chinese systems are mostly government departments funded so more secretive, think F117s. So unless they can't hide it anymore or want to make a statement, they will not show it. Unless it is private funded, think J31, we won't know progress.

For all we know there are a million failed projects in the pipeline that we will never know, because China won't let us know. In the US, we will know all the failed projects, because funding gets pulled.


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Independent of the disagreements and debates over nuances and topics, it has always been a pleasure discussing matters with Jeff, and his many years of following the Chinese Navy and producing these reports are greatly appreciated if not simply for the effort reflected in it alone.

Best of luck, to Jeff, and to your family and loved ones too.