PLAN 2018 Review (Jeff Head)


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Eligible types are cruisers, destroyers, frigates, corvettes, etc. Aircraft carriers, amphibious vessels, supply/replenishment ships, etc. excluded. Coast Guard ships (e.g. Krivak III) excluded. Vessels built for other nations excluded. Vessels ordered from other nations included. Vessels are counted once upon first commissioning; subsequent modernisations, refits, and forms of return to service are not counted as new vessels.

USA: 4x Iowa-class battleships excluded.
Soviet Union: 4xKiev- and 1x Kuznetsov-class aircraft-carrying cruisers not included. Grisha-, Parchim-, and Bora-class corvettes included. Karakurt- and smaller excluded.
China: Type 056/A Corvettes included. Smaller Type 037, 022, etc. excluded.
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