Ladakh Flash Point


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Why did India eventually agree to China's terms of disengagement? Because Pangong was becoming too politically heated for Modi during Indian election time and Modi's rivals were on heat charging him of more issues than he is actually responsible for... accusing him of "losing Indian land" which was never India's to begin with and while they were doing that, they accused him of losing more land than what was actually "lost" in terms of PLA occupying it. Lie to yourself and lie against others, whatever it is, it will bite you in the ass and work against you too. In that case Modi's ways were playing for and against him.

Note that disengagement has mostly been for Pangong the highest profile case. Ladakh standoff requires all 20% disputed zone to be resolved either China's way - entire 20% converted to buffer with neither side every stepping foot on it for patrols and de facto control, or India's way - salami slice the 20% until it has greater de facto control and then build on the dispute. What India should do is agree to Chinese buffer offer but demand China demolish the new road from F8 to F5. The alternative is constant stand-off building towards war or perpetual risk of confrontations flaring up. China doesn't seem like it would even consider ceding this 20% to India and nor should it. This isn't Indian land.

I thought it had something to do with running out of oxygen tanks. I guess Jawans need to breathe air after all.


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Lol what can they do about it?

It's India that is resisting disengagement. They have yet to vacate disputed land. If the Indians vacate, they could easily "demand" (really concede) to a buffer deal. They need to hold onto current positions and avoid buffer deal at all costs if they have any real desire to claim Aksai Chin which btw is something officially still claimed by India (along with the entire disputed region including the 80% that China's controlled for 60 years).

Somehow this is presented as China refusing to disengage. Umm if that's the case why is India much more present within the 20%? China has some token positions and claims to ensure the remaining 20% doesn't end up in India's control. India wants to achieve de facto control previously relying on salami slicing tactics and more patrols but since the confrontation, relying on out staying PLA. Basically both sides are engaged in a pseudo squatting contest. See who out-squats the other. Well at least it's relatively stable and peaceful compared to contact engagement.