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A personal question without prejudiced, Are you an American, if you are who will you choose between an Indian and a Mexican.

Yes I'm American born. It's irrelevant what I would want. The US absorbing India or Mexico would never happen. Mexico and India would never choose it unless they were given the status of American citizens. How many Indians would be on welfare because they aren't going to be able to create jobs for 1.3 billion people. That's why Americans would never let that happen because they would be paying for it with their taxes. What's the upside unless the US can force imperialist policies to have Mexico and India literally be enslaved.


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The problem is though your hypothetical is based on rational thoughts of rational people... which to a great extent the Indian people are not or at least the rational voices are drowned in a pool of irrationality...

Further, I think you are missing something from your analysis of ‘Indian delusion of being invaded by China’...

1, we have examine how India treats its own ethnic/religious minorities, which for the most part are oppressed by the majority. We have even seen suggestions from Indian think tanks that they should be eliminated out right.

2, Indian media brainwashes their people into thinking that China will invade and oppress others... the example given are Tibet and Xinjiang while conveniently omitting that China PRC had every right to reclaim Qing and ROC territories... other examples include but not limited to SCS, Pakistan (debt trap), Sri Lanka (debt trap) and Africa etc...

3, Indians have a history of projection... what they themselves want to do to others they will project onto the other... it is obvious how India conducts itself to its other immediate neighbours that India desires to expand its borders or make vassals of other states, should they be able to take control of other states they will probably cleanse the area... much like what they are doing in Kashmir with majority support of the Indian people too... so you can see what they will likely do should they take control of Chinese territory and in-turn they also project this onto the Chinese, along with point 2, the average Indians likely believe that the Chinese have the desire to take control of India and they will simply massacre the Indians and take the land...
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I guess the best way I can put it is that:

Indians are not worth it

India is the worst neighbor to have. I feel so bad for Pakistan and Bangladesh
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Sounds like a game that would suck. The software and tech industry in India should examine themselves why they don't have companies in the caliber of Netease, Tencent or make a game as good as Genshin Impact.

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