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The Jabbatop in Balakot where indian Airforce dropped bombs was sealed for one months by Pakistan army
Even afte a month passed They allowed only selected reporters to enter the jabbatop and that too under strict restrictions Pakistan army cadets went there with them they were not allowed to tallk with everyone and visit each and every corner of the Madrassa which looked newly built and painted
I didnt ask you for another ramayan story. I dont give a f--k about what they sealed or whom they did allow to visit . They can seal anything they want.
I asked you of the footage of the mission. Why are telling me story? Show us the mission footage.
You keep talking about what others said & did. I am still to hear about your air crash farce from their own big azz mouth about what they did. Are they scared to come out?
Its your forces, you ask them. Why are you posting stories about what others said?

Show us the mission footage. Which part of it your 5 heads dont understand?


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The story of India's inflation.
To be sure, consumers don’t have much choice to curtail spending since price rise is seen mostly in unavoidable necessities. Over the past three months (February to April 2022), food inflation rose 7.3% on average, while the cost of cooking food (cooking gas) shot up 15%. Prices of clothing have also been rising, as manufacturers raise retail prices to cushion the impact of higher input costs.
Inflation in prices for food an daily necessities.

Moreover, necessities now go beyond roti, kapda and makaan to also include spending on
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, transportation and education. All these take up two-thirds of consumer spending, and inflation in this category jumped to 8% in April from 5.5% in December.
For instance, the cost of running one’s vehicle has surged — fuel inflation is in double digits. For those utilising public transport, inflation is 6-7%. Worryingly, healthcare bills and medical expenses have increased 7% as demand surpasses supply. This has constrained the consumer’s ability to spend on other discretionary items.
Inflation in healthcare, public transportation, and education.

Meanwhile, manufacturers are facing a double whammy. In India, in the absence of a producer price index, the wholesale price index (WPI) is often used as a proxy. WPI inflation has been in double digits for 13 months now, suggesting producers are facing a stiff rise in input costs for that long,
Double digit Inflation on input materials for manufacturers. What's gonna happen to Make in India? Short answer is: crap is coming.

No country is immune to the coming inflation wave. But India is gonna suffer a special type of pain. Inflation hurts the poorest the most. India is supposed to make good on it's 'demographic' dividend. Most of the poor and young are gonna be hurt real bad. India might be facing the possibility of a large population of hungry, desperate, and angry youths. Good luck.

The Indian manufacturers cannot manufacture competitively. Cost of input materials are going up at double digit rates. Cost of wages will go up because workers would demand more wages to stave off the inflation. Indian manufacturing is barely automated, unlike in China. Make in India is so screwed. Wanna take away Chinese jobs? Worry about your own jobs first.

Indian service sector might do better than it's manufacturing. But the Indian call centers have a negative reputation these days. They are not going to be as hot in demand as in the past. India have plenty of shady startups who are actually parasites on the economy. They are experts at scamming sucker investors who believe in the Indian 'manifest destiny'. Sucking blood out of a drying out economy, what could go wrong?

Worse for India, there is barely any hard innovation going on there. New technology creates wealth. There are no new Smartphones, PCs, Robotics, or EVs from India. India has nothing tangible to show in practically all areas of STEM innovation. Lots of hot air, but no substance.

So India has no choice but to ride out this storm. It'll be a storm of the century to ride out. The collective West whom India is betting on trading more are losing their buying power at an alarming rate. Much of Asia have already been alienated by India. There will be no rescue for India this time. Please continue laughing at China. Jai Hind!
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The manufacturing data is strange. You would expect that India having a relatively very low manufacturing base, it should have double-digit increases every year

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The Statistics Ministry on Tuesday evening came out with Q4, FY 22 results -- which put India's GDP growth in January to March period at 4.1%. The Indian economy slowed down for the third straight quarter. While the overall growth for the financial year 2021-22 is estimated at 8.7%, down from the estimate of 8.8 per cent.
During the March quarter, agriculture grew at 4.1 per cent, while manufacturing contracted 0.2 per cent. Public administration, defence and other services, which represent government expenditure, grew 7.7 per cent during the March quarter, supporting the overall economic growth.

Important figures
From the pre-pandemic year of 2019-20, India’s real GDP has grown only 1.5%. In other words, it has expanded from Rs 145.16 trillion to Rs 147.36 trillion in two years.
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