Indian Economics thread.


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With the power of mind cowshit can look alike a brownies cake

One must have the power of mind of epic proportions. mmmmmm I wonder if a certain member here been eating this 'brownie cake? Lol
You know there was an article back in 2019 about these cow dung cakes being sold in the US taking social media by storm apparently... not sure if this has been shared before, apologies if it has... anyway they even needed a specific label to say it wasn’t edible as if the cow dung in the name cow dung cake wasn’t obvious enough tho we are talking about the US so I am sure someone would try and then sue...

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Did you know if you put cow dung paint on any aircraft, it will make it more stealthy than f22 and almost invisible to the naked eye. Apply to ships and tanks, it'll make them stealth as well.

Use it as dye for uniforms will make the soldiers invisible to enemies.

And in a pinch, can be consumed for food. Truly wonderful cow Dungs are.

/Sarcasm off.
Indians should apply cow dung generously to their tanks to reduce heat signature and turn them into steaming piles of shit.