CV-16 Liaoning (001 carrier) Thread II ...News, Views and operations


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Whatever they r called. Most, if not all islands in the W. Pacific have different names since the time immemorial.
The CV-16 & CV-17 could've practiced invading other islands closer to their bases, so sending both to the SC Sea now, with current PRC-US tensions, looks like the real thing to me. To contain Taiwan & force it to renounce independence, it must be truncated at sea & in the air. Also, taking Taiwanese held islands would outflank other claimants + help monitor & control the SC Sea.
Which is exactly what I was pondering about. Why couldn't the drill be targeted against Itu Aba/Taiping Island? Why must it be the Pratas/Tungsha Island?

Tsavo Lion

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FYI, it can help to defend an invading force, keep the hostiles away, & attack defenders on land & at sea. Finally, it can launch helos with Marines/SOF from its deck.


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The PLAN aircraft carrier 'Liaoning' (no. 16) arrived back home at the Yuchi Naval Base / Xiangzimen at the Qingdao port in East China’s Shandong province.

(Image via @卫星图像发烧员 from Weibo)

PLN CV-16 Liaoning - 20200606 - 2.jpgPLN CV-16 Liaoning - 20200606 - 1.jpg

Rettam Stacf

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Where's the crew ship. Is it not currently used due to the Covid 19 pandemic?
Just curious. If CV-16 Liaoning is commissioned and declared combat ready, does it still needs an accompanying crew ship ? When is the last time a crew ship was seen with Liaoning ?

I understand that Liaoning is intended as a training aircraft carrier. But with CV-17 Shandong commissioned last December and carrier 003 not ready for sea trial for at least another 2 years, there is no hurry for training another set of crew. Training can still go on in a smaller scale but without the need for a crew ship, IMHO.


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There are reasons for not using a crew ship , one is described above by Rettam Stacf, another is that the mother port has facilities on land to accommodate the crew as well as training, medical and others one would expect from a naval base.

The crew ship may be under maintenance or even refitting for new crew of next aircraft carrier i.e. CV-XX/003 being built in JNCX.


In my understanding, the crew ship is a kind of back office with additional personnel (to write procedures and manuals and to evaluate and optimize the activities carried out afterwards according to the principle "record what you do - and do it exactly as you wrote it down" ). And this additional staff is currently in the home office until the end of the pandemic.


Via Weasel 1962 Huangdichun PLAN training base seem to be completed now.
Starting carrier program from scratch is not easy and expensive but you need to built the supporting infrastructure like this base and invest in training program including new training jet

Ramp section and bar arrestor section of the airfield
The new emal and steam launcher