CV-16 Liaoning (001 carrier) Thread II ...News, Views and operations


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hello, just to know, in which unit is the Liaoning ? is it in a "combat unit" (like flotilla and stuff) or a training unit ? Same for shandong.


This video show the training of carrier based pilot. As expected they widely use training simulator. where is this facility Dingxin or Yanliang?
The ski jump take-off deck is a unique structure for an aircraft carrier. For a pilot, being able to take off on this deck and land back to the aircraft carrier signifies his qualification to become a carrier-based pilot. And this is not easy! Step into China's only carrier-based aircraft test and training unit and learn about "Navy Dream Chaser"!


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IMO they'll invade the Pratas island- it's most distant from Taiwan & has strategic location in the North SC Sea.

It also has a long airstrip & good lagoon:
You mean Tungsha Islands? I the drills are targeted against the Itu Aba Island (Taiping Island). By the way, for your information, the name Itu Aba was officially given to the island by the Republic of China government in 1935. The name "Pratas Island" is not recognized as a official name by the PRC, nor the ROC, even today.

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Whatever they r called. Most, if not all islands in the W. Pacific have different names since the time immemorial.
The CV-16 & CV-17 could've practiced invading other islands closer to their bases, so sending both to the SC Sea now, with current PRC-US tensions, looks like the real thing to me. To contain Taiwan & force it to renounce independence, it must be truncated at sea & in the air. Also, taking Taiwanese held islands would outflank other claimants + help monitor & control the SC Sea.