CV-16 Liaoning (001 carrier) Thread II ...News, Views and operations

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With over 1,000,000 hits, the older thread has reached a point to be replaced by this new thread...number II.

The old thread:

PLAN Aircraft Carrier programme..News & Views

Will remain to view and browse. But it will no longer accept new posts.

Any new PLAN Carrier news, photos, videos, views etc. shold be posted here.

Here are some of the latest posts of the PLAN carrier program, Liaoning and 001A to get us started:

1st oicture of 001A on SD showing the dech bow ski jump insalled and island parts ready to install by Franklin:


Picture of mockup construction on Island by Taxiya


Picture of latest 001A construction in yeard by Steve_Rolfe:


Picture of depiction of 001A wonce island is added and the deck complete in the yard posted by Jeff HEad


Picture of comparison of Liaoning and current 001A posted by Deino:

PLN CV-001 vs 001A deck layout.png

Picture of comparison of Liaoning and completed 001A posted by Jeff HEad::


Carry on!

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More photos from today's news


I live to see those pictures of deck and air operations going on. Here those two are with a little higher resolution:

Liaoning-Deckops-01.jpg Liaoning-landing-ops-01.jpg

The most I have seen on deck to date, is still eight. In these pics:




But I still believe they either already have, or will operate/exercise with more.

One day we will see an actual PLAN Photo Op showing 16 on deck and four in the air like this CGI shows:


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Well, there are seven seen there...and that is a goodly amount.

On an earlier post we saw this:


That's eight at once.

I am still looking for something over eight. I would prefer something in the double digits...meaning 10 or more.

Keep looking...the first one who posts and authentic picture of 10 or more J-15s aboard Liaoning gets an official "SD Atta BOY!" Award!

Note. I say J-15s, not a combination of J-15s and helos. Otherwise that photo above would already fulfill the challenge.



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There is a vast difference between a building site and a shipyard module fabrication plant. Using photogrammetry saves a lot of time. We're talking about the most modern shipyards in the World. Besides there are many types of robust computers for sale even for use on building sites.

True but ship modules still needs to be put together at the ship yard. That's where carrying large paper plans becomes more practical to check on the alignments and welding of the plates than say a tablet that one can accidentally dropped or damaged by anything.


Its older brother - 730 - has proved with a short growl, a boat full of terrorists reduced into a collection of chunky bits.
Yes...a very capable and heavy duty CIWS.

...and here she is pouring out a ton of fire down rang during a live fire exercise:

View attachment 31057

Look at all of those 30mm casings streaming off of that thing!
Yeah, and maybe they should think about how to retrieve those spent casings instead of weeing them into the sea just like that.
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