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What I meant is countries are hating China because they are jealous of China recovery. Plus most of them believed China originated the vrius. It's the one to blame. The more China does better the more people jealous and hate.
There will be post covid 19 fallout and push back against China..

This is not about me personally.
I think people with half a brain has stop blaming China after seeing how awful they themselves have handled it, especially the Advance Superiorior God-Like (/s) westerners. Right now, you only have the obvious racist / dictator-like still screaming China-Virus.


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Yinhe Incident was 1993; China was an insect compared to today.
Times change. America has changed.

The Soviets held their country together, and held the Easter Block together by two strategies, carrots and sticks.

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The carrots are getting smaller and smaller in regards to what China can offer compared to America.

All that is left is the stick, which is getting bigger and bigger.

How America tries to sanction the Germans over Nordstream-2 is just as nasty as Huawei.

America has adopted Uncle Joe methods to maintain the western alliance. That still may not work looking at that Brexit thingy.



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So to clarify, does this mean dual circulation will
  1. Boost China's consumer class, thereby making China the largest consumer market in the world, especially after COVID-19 has decimated the large western markets of the world.
  2. Insulate Chinese tech companies from the tech war and trade war since because of 1), foreign nations wanting to withhold core components to Chinese firms eg semiconductors, EUV lithography machines etc are going to lose access (perhaps permanently) to the largest market in the world.
There is no consumer "class", everyone of the 1.3 billion Chinese is a consumer.
As to your second point, Trump is doing Xi "dirty" job by protecting Chinese tech companies from being overwhelmed by Americans' more advanced companies, thus preserving the domestic market to China advantage.


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Who is this Yakuza in our forum? He seem to "like" everyone, even with opposing view and not even posted once.
You can’t look at images on the forum without joining as a member. A lot of people join so they could access images and most of the members here are actually lurkers. I believe many western defense analysts and writers get their info here too. There was an article on the J-20B published by the Drive that had to have gotten its info here since no English language publications mentioned that but of info.