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Yeah, thanks for the link, 2 hrs later, yes I ended up watching an hour long video of the Seawolf,,, crazy!

I was to chicken to cross the catwalk for my only opportunity to check out a real US diesel sub,,, I've regretted that my whole life,, but I loved watching the Sailors throw a baseball around the deck,,,, while my Dad and little brother looked through the periscope,, but I have some kinda sick attachment to submarines,,, I love those dumb things, kinda like flying under water! I guess??

I was five, but I did "crash one of the first USAF C-130A flight simulators at Sewart Air Force Base! when I was 9, also flew one of my Dad's students Cessna 195's on Christmas day when I was 9! loved all that!

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To test the tightness of the hull eventualy they have buckets you understand why LOL :)

Watch the Royal Navy’s fourth Astute-class submarine complete first dive
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exactly, and once the sea trial begin, they will eventually take her to "test depth" to see what leaks or breaks, pipes, hull, etc ,,, sometimes hulls leak at welds, as the "modules" are welded together! quys what kind of steel are they using now for our new boats, and do the English/French/Germans and Japanese use the same kind of steel???
Dec 16, 2017
Nov 27, 2017

Spin Doctors probably still working on turning cuts into an unprecedented success ...:
National Security:Written question - 117954
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Asked on: 06 December 2017
To ask the Minister for the Cabinet Office, when he expects the review of the National Security Strategy to be published.

Answered on: 12 December 2017
The review of our national security capabilities is currently taking place in support of the ongoing implementation of the 2015 National Security Strategy (NSS) and Strategic Defence and Security Review (SDSR). Ministers will consider the conclusions of the review in due course.
sorta update:
Leaks about cuts are damaging morale in the Royal Navy, MPs told
15 JAN 2018
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Plymouth MP Luke Pollard said uncertainty was hitting morale in the Royal Navy

Ministers were warned yesterday not to make any more cuts in Britain’s amphibious capability.

New Forest Conservative MP Dr Julian Lewis told the Commons that both sides of the House were united in the view that losing any more frigates or amphibious vessels before their due out of service date “would be totally unacceptable”.

And, speaking during defence questions in the Commons, South Dorset Conservative MP Richard Drax said: “Any cutting of the Royal Marines or any further part of our amphibious fleet – HMS Ocean having already gone to the Brazilians – is absolutely out of order and totally unacceptable.”

Luke Pollard, MP for Plymouth Sutton and Devonport, said a lack of clarity, leaks and confusion around the current national security capability review was hitting morale in the Royal Navy and causing uncertainty over the Plymouth-based amphibious ships HMS Albion and HMS Bulwark.

Mr Pollard also asked the Minister to “clear up the confusions and rule out” navy cuts and any merger between the Royal Marines and the Parachute Regiment.

Defence Minister Mark Lancaster told him it was far more important that the review is robust and comprehensive “rather than rush to make announcements simply to appease” Mr Pollard.

In response to a question by Torbay MP Kevin Foster, Mr Lancaster confirmed that the Royal Citadel base in Plymouth would close in 2024, and the Royal Marine Base at Chivenor in North Devon would close in 2027.

A new base for the Marines would be provided either in Plymouth, or in Torpoint in South East Cornwall. As reported earlier this months, the MoD has said that plans to create a Royal Marines “superbase” in Plymouth and Torpoint are set to go ahead, and that Devonport is due to remain an amphibious centre of specialisation.

Mr Lancaster told MPs said the navy was growing for the first time in a generation. The Government was planning to spend £63 billion on new ships and submarines over the next decade. And he said they were committed to increasing the number of naval personnel.

“This Government is committed to increasing our maritime power to project our influence across the world and promote national prosperity.”

Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson told MPs: “We face increasing and diversifying threats to this nation.

“While the detail must wait until the national security review concludes, I can assure this House that as long as I am Defence Secretary, we will develop and sustain the capabilities necessary to maintain continuous at sea deterrents, a carrier force capable of striking globally, and the Armed Forces necessary to protect the North Atlantic, properly support our Nato allies, and protect the UK and its global interests.”

Commons Speaker calls for silence in the media

Commons Speaker John Bercow has told the Defence Secretary that he hopes there will be no further media briefings about potential cuts ahead of a major review.

Mr Bercow said that while he did not suggest the reports came from Gavin Williamson, such details “greatly irritate” MPs and result in questions for ministers in the Commons.

There has been widespread speculation about the options being considered by defence bosses, including cuts to the Royal Marines and axing Britain’s amphibious assault ships.

At one stage there was even media reports about a meeting where senior defence staff were told not to talk to the media.

“I would just say to the Secretary of State, pursuant to a point that was made earlier, that the appearance of briefings in the newspapers, which I’m certainly not suggesting hail from him, is something that greatly irritates members of the House,” said Mr Bercow.

“And, therefore, it is very much to be hoped that before the conclusion of the review there are not further such briefings.

“For if there are further such briefings, I rather imagine I will be confronted with further requests for urgent questions, and I will feel unable and in any case disinclined to resist such requests.”

Labour MP Ruth Smeeth, a member of the Defence select committee, said leaks to the media were “undermining morale, they are undermining confidence of families, as well as sending completely the wrong message to our allies”.

She added: “We need answers and we need them now, if only for those people who are serving.

“They need to know whether they’ll be serving in Plymouth or whether they’ll be moved to Colchester.”

Mr Williamson replied: “In terms of the morale of the armed forces, to be reading speculation in the newspapers is not good for anyone.

“That’s why I hope that we can draw to a conclusion the national security and capability review at the earliest possible moment and we can make it clear as to some of the options and what we’re wishing to do to take our armed forces forward and make sure that they have the right investment, so they continue to be the successful, vibrant organisation that so many people take great pleasure and great pride in serving in.”


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exactly, and once the sea trial begin, they will eventually take her to "test depth" to see what leaks or breaks, pipes, hull, etc ,,, sometimes hulls leak at welds, as the "modules" are welded together! quys what kind of steel are they using now for our new boats, and do the English/French/Germans and Japanese use the same kind of steel???
Tested to 15 m capable more :) i think a max of about 500 m as Virginia Seawolf only with Russians nuclears ofc 600 m posible Soryu sure 500 after ? at 500 i am not sure but sure to 600 m it is an advantage for noise at these depths it is more diffuse different so compensates for Russians more noisy not noisy...
But to this depths subs can't use missiles in general max 50 m fro SLBMs sure for others i think same. TLs don't have this limitation can launch torpedoe much deeper normaly the maximum

For record during Cold War with few infos ofc SSN Alfa was annouced to 1000 m inexactt it is 500 - 600 the record for a Sub is for the Mike Class / Project 685 1000 m
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