The Q-5, J-7, J-8 and older PLAAF aircraft


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It may be more recent than you think. China only started mass producing the J-7a in the late 80s.
Shouldn't be j-7a, China exported plenty of J-7A/B/M to Iran, Egypt, North Korea, Pakistan, etc. by the early-mid 80s.

In the late 80s, it's more like J-7M/E


VIP Professional says j7a was produced from 1976, and some 240 were made. J7b started production soon thereafter, in 1978. 450 were made. Then the next variant was made from 1984 onward.


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Those years refer to first flight dates actually. Not start of serial production. I guess serial production took a few years to get up to speed, after each first flight. So, one could say that mass production of J7 started at the end of 1970s.