The Q-5, J-7, J-8 and older PLAAF aircraft


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I am trying to figure out why the first batches of PLAAF JJ-7 have a c/n with a 'A' (like A0718) and later batches have a c/n with a 'L' (like L1508).

But I recently found PLAAF JJ-7 with c/n A0607 and PLAAF JJ-7 with c/n L0607.
Could JJ-7 A0607 had a MLU (i.e. re-equipped with J-7E or J-7G systems?) and assigned the new suffix 'L'?


Wow ... you always learn something each day.

Even if by all i know early JJ-7 batches are called JJ-7 and later ones JJ-7A - as standard by the Chinese nomenclature - I never noticed this.


J-8 assembly line from days of long past.