The Q-5, J-7, J-8 and older PLAAF aircraft


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Night time operations of J-8IIs from Eastern Command Theater.

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It's an old plane but it still looks elegant. I believe all the J-8II currently in service are either J-8F or have been upgraded to the F standard. The F version only came out in 2009, so it means that they still have at least 10-15 years of service ahead. They would serve as a nice complement to the fleet of 3rd and 4th generation fighters. They would still have some uses as a high-speed interceptor and as a reconnaissance plane, ready to expel any intruders that come too close to China's airspace. RIP 81192.


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Don't forget that J-7s would still be an effective deterrent against Vietnam or India which still operate Mig-21s or older aircraft.

China is not in a state of war, these older planes are good for airspace patrol since they are likely cheaper to fly and more durable. No point using up expensive engine and airframe hours.