The PLAN LCAC Type 726 Yuyi Class


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Carrying armor.



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It has space, but i have never seen 2 vehicles, for months/years, many pics so far, always 1 vehicle. Maybe an issue with current engines, or overall mass of craft...
I hope soon we will see it in full capacity, carrying 2 armored vehicles/tanks.


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Huangpu shipyard in Guangzhou is now producing Type 726s.

According to a recent news report from CSSC Huangpu Wenchong, Sun Wei, the deputy general manager of the group and other leaders visited the Changzhou factory of Huangpu Wenchong. In the indoor dock, a brand-new Type 726 air-cushion landing craft is in sight. It has been basically completed, and key systems such as the engine room and propulsion fan have been installed. This is the first official channel to show that Huangpu Factory has joined the construction of Type 726...



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So two major shipyards are now building type 726 LCAC simultaneously, we may see large numbers being built in next few years.

For Taiwan scenario (including Penghu and Dongsha), type 726 LCAC do not even have to be launched from type 071 or 075 since they have enough range to cross the straits from Mainland shores. Type 726 is said to have more than 300km range and speed of 60 to 80 knots.

According to Chinese wikipedia, there are more than 30 type 726 in service at present.
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