The PLAN LCAC Type 726 Yuyi Class

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A very recent CCTV special for Type 726 LCAC (aka Wild Horse) with close and inside look at its operation and technologies. It mentioned the torturous development process to get to this stable stage since the first ship emerged in 2008. The engine is indigenous. There have been changes and improvements. They have also taken Type 726 to Gulf of Aden during the time.

I suppose they can now mass produce it now. With 8 x 071 LPD + 3 x 075 LHD currently in service or on trial, with more to come, PLAN will need anywhere from 70 to 100 of them.

I just uploaded this video but I deleted because Its later than you did, haha!
Its also talking about the 726 Mustang LCAC maximum sailing speed exceeds 50 knots. It only takes a few seconds to go from 0 to 40 knots. It only takes ten seconds for the air cushion to be filled with air. It can accurately land on the beach with an error of less than 20 meters.