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This might be a suitable place for a first post.. Hello and Happy New Year~

Not really 'country', but this is my hometown, Tianjin (天津). A port city half-an-hour away from Beijing by bullet train, it was once the capital's line of defense against a sea invasion. Now it's one of the four direct-controlled municipalities in the country and a major seaport.
It's not as famous as Beijing, Shanghai, or Chongqing, but it's a nice place nonetheless.

Hey! Tianjin! My mom went to college there, Nankai University, also one of the most prestigious universities in China. Growing up, I remember my mom and dad always argue whose alma mater is better. Actually, they still do it now. My dad went to Nanjing Univ. in my opinion, for their argument, Nanjing Univ is a little better than Nankai Univ simply because they both were in the chemistry dept. Nanjing's chemistry dept was better than Nankai in the 60's when they were in school. And my dad's mentor was THE best inorganic chemist in the nation back then. Just don't tell my mom that I said this... I want to be on her nice-list so that she will cook me my favorite dishes next time I visit :p


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Mine is a city not a country. It on average has 11 protests a day. I wonder if this is Guinness world record. The protests are peaceful enough to become a tourist attraction in itself.

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A los latinos les gusta bailar y la música caribeña como la bachata, la salsa y el merengue.

Una pareja de la República Dominicana bailando bachata