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Sí, lo conozco del Concierto de Año Nuevo de la Filarmónica de Viena 2017. Director joven muy talentoso.[/ CITAR]

El chico de las maracas es considerado un prodigio con ese instrumento



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From One of the Ancient Surviving Civilisation which is having a Written History in Shape of Holy Scriptures of more than 7500 Years up to 13,000 Years !!!

Hindu Civilisation !!! The Sutoon of Bhagwan Shri Ram; Bhagwan Shri Krishna & Bhagwan Shri Gautam Siddharta is still there !!!

Arabs are our Cousin, Habash, Turks & Afro are the closed to us.

From the Eastern Edge to the Western Edge are Our's Kingships who believes in One Supreme Creator.

We Know the Truth of the Universe, We are in touch with the Angels and We Fight the Demons !!!

Welcome to Hindustan !!!

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