Myanmar/Burma civil conflict


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This strategy is shortsighted and flawed. It is only viable as long as there is conflict and becomes ineffective when it ceases. While overhauling language is difficult it can be done practically and peacefully and plays to China's advantage in size and proximity. Institutional change to language can prevail as long as its workable and can be done in phases. Develop the language, move it to signage and schools, then move it to software and media. This will ensure continued cultural exchange and alignment between these ethnicities and China in spite of change in geopolitical landscape.

China just doesn't do that really. Throughout history, the solution has always been, make minority people "more Chinese".

Look at Wa people (or most other Chinese minorities). For better or worse, they are just like any other Chinese people, but with alternate dances and traditional outfits. Mandarin/Chinese is the major language in the area.
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Ngl, Twan Mrat Naing seems like a very capable and solid leader. It's crazy to think he used to be a tour guide and now commands one of the most powerful armies in Myanmar. The Arakan populace is completely backing him and the AA.

Some key points from an interview with him by the BBC regarding China:

"I believe that only when the rule of the military dictatorship ends, can we then secure a prosperous future for all Myanmar's people and ensure lasting peace. However clashes along the China-Myanmar border pose direct threats to China's border security, and we acknowledge this concern.

Hence China has been urging for restraint with a firm stance. There's a considerable risk of jeopardizing China's interests and national security from their perspective. Yet I believe China also desires peace for Myanmar as a whole. It's crucial to navigate towards our goals without escalating tensions with other nations”, Major General Twan Mrat Naing said.

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Arakan Army downed a Mi-17. No exact date or location.
I was just thinking the other day.
Due to the ban on Chinese manufactured firearms by Bush Sr., the number of Type 81s in the US is almost non-existent.

One such reddit post
Only 3 Type 81s were ever approved for import into the USA. They are in 3 different Configurations too: a Full Stock Version, Side Folder, and Underfolder Version. They are known as the Norinco EM355 here and take modified 84s mags. The starting bid for the fixed stock version is $23,500 on GunBroker. Those Canadians got them pretty available in their country and I’m jealous.

Someone tell these guys they are sitting on a gold mine!


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Northeastern View | India’s relationship with Myanmar’s Arakan Army — it’s complicated​

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Kaladan project can be completed in Myanmar, we have no problem with India: Arakan Army spokesperson​

In the first-ever interview given to any Indian publication, an Arakan Army spokesperson said they are ready to cooperate for mutual benefit.

Basically India betray early AA revolutionary leaders which got them killed. Now India needs the cooperation of AA to complete their road in Myanmar. Would be good if China can exert some influence in AA, maybe a few truckload of drones for some cooperation.
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