Ladakh Flash Point

Nobonita Barua

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The continental USA is secure, because it only has 2 small weak countries as neighbours.
That means the USA has spare resources for power projection elsewhere.
No it can't. It can project power else where because the other countries are concerned about their own problem rather than hitting them back. Of course hitting them back would require economy & military capability too.

Anyone who has lived through nightmare of wars, which we are pretty familiar given this entire region has gone through that, And familiar
with US's history, how it came to be, should know where the fault line with US lies.

As the corona virus & BLM protests shows, US never solved the very basic of problems. Same country which claims to be value champ.
Second world war gave US the perfect cover up for their history, after that every country focused to grow from zero. US became a "super power" because there was no other power left. So no one talked about it anymore. But US never really could galvanize those fault lines
To expose those fault lines, you don't really need to go to US or close to it, all you need to do is breathing down on it's neck. It needs pretty big space to feel safe.
I have several time mentioned before, China should extensively look into Hawaii, Guam & SPECIALLY south american countries.

With US, and it's utopian value loving population, how long do you think it will survive with out USD being the reserve currency? In a country where people get paid for making adult movies, doing cam shows? I am predicting 10 years, at best.
Do you know what happens when rich dad stops giving his spoilt son everything? He turns onto his own dad. That's the thing US fears most, so it needs to keep it's spoilt population "happy" by keeping the trouble as far as away from it's mainland.
If a single George floyd can do this to the wannabe Disneyland, can you imagine what can happen if another kent state saga takes place?

US is a gigantic robot standing on murky water, you don't need to target the robot.

I have been watching China's response to different US's accusation as US is trying to be value champ after miserable corona-virus failure. China still can't let go of the habit of taking down lying. US wants you on defensive. They don't like it when someone points finger at them, they get insecure. To cover that up, they try to project power.

I am not asking to start a war. But china should go extensive length in information warfare . Current generation is very sensitive to "invasion" histories. China should start talking about How native people of North America became white, how Great Abraham Lincoln "freed" the slaves from south, however he forgot that "Freeing" slaves doesn't guarantee property rights, as they invaded & occupied south, Hawaii, Guam, how US military was innocently testing chemical weapon on Los Angeles & i didn't even set foot in modern history yet.
You need to target them where they are most sensitive. I have been playing Americans with these, its funny how notoriously they react to it. For exaple, just yesterday in a forum they were talking about the "china virus" & making china pay. I just asked them when they are going to pay for the "American swine". Rest was history.

The US is far more paranoid than it chooses to show, specially about it's history.They are going to poke you as long as you don't slap them back in their place. For that, you neither require economy, nor military. Only history lessons.
People in US of A have been trying to desperately hang to to their utopian values. Well i don't really care about their values or what they choose to do with it. I am more interested in the land, as i am "very very concerned" about the human rights of native peoples as much as i am "very very concerned" about "Texas invasion". You should learn how to use history & words to your advantage.
What China should show to the world is, The U.S is not of A. It never was. It never had anything to do with America,no matter how much they try to be "American".
You would be surprised how word games can impact people & their view.

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the thing is india is one of the larger growing market in the world. with ongoing tension between China-US, its gonna hurt company if they can't access both of these country. it also mean more US company will take advantage of this.
"A Market" means where a seller can sell & a buyer has capacity to buy.
India, with it's economy, i don't think going to be a "big market" anytime soon except cheap iphone brand, apps or cosmetics. And for apps they were already screaming to boycott china before this.


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From the information so far I come to a conclusion: the mortal melee conflicts in last 2 months were typical performance of “獨走”, a Japanese term commonly used in Chinese, means "military stationed at field goes wild".

The reason of such violation was simple and passes through entire human history:
1, the capital and the frontline percieve the situation differently;
2, the civil government and the military not share same interest.

The history of "獨走" is long enough that Sun Tzu specifically instructed about it, 将在外君命有所不受, a general at field should selectively refuse order from the mornach.
Imperial Japan was the apex of such behavior, that's why the word was fixed in Japanese. The 1931 Mudken Incident was masterminded by several division-level staff officers of Kwantong Army, the troops were decieved into the fight. So was the 1932 Shanghai Incident, the motivation was simply some IJN officers could not tolerate IJA win over them.

"Field force goes wild" is easy to happen on countries with such factors:
weak central government,
long and constant conflict far from heartland,
low legitimacy state bragging ultra-nationalism & militarism to keep unity.

It is often triggered by 2 contrast motivation from the military:
an unscheduled victory to force the government make some change,
or a planned defeat to refute the attempt of change by the government.

The later one has an extremely noxious example in China's history:
In 1630-40s, the northerneast defender of Ming Empire, the Guan-Ning (Shan Hai Guan gate and Ningyuan fortress) Legions, became totally warlord-lized. Their typical trick to blackmail the court was to:
1, send an "outsider" commander to have a suicidal operation;
2, trigger the retaliate reaction from Qing army;
3, warn the court that without more money, power and asset, they may not be able to fulfill their duty

The whole thing happened in last to months just smells exactly like Guan-Ning for me.;)

When we talk about revoking Article 370 of Indian Constitution, we usually foucs on its hurt to kashmir people and provocation to China and Pakistan. But, a big BUT, most people seems ingored the recoil from domestic of India.

Yes, I'm talking about the North Command of Indian Army.

Being the de facto praetor of a colony is simply way way way more powerful and profitable than just another commander under supervison of civil government.
New Dehli's plan to set up a pradesh/state in Kashmir will surely reduce the power and resource of the army.
The North Command want to keep everything unchanged.
That is why I think Indian forces in Ladakh suddenly became aggressive, but clumsy.

The action was so poorly organized,
several high rank officers involved, but somehow such a difficult action of night-raid was led by a newcomer,
there was no coordination from friendlies,
the Indian command didn't know what their subordinate had done, BBC reported it earlier than Indian army made a brief to press,
the leadership had and still has no idea on how to react.

Only if it is a 獨走/front-goes-wild action, then the pattern was no longer abnormal.

What for? You may ask.

My explaination is:
by provoking Chinese, the North Command could get a predicted defeat. It would be miserable but unharmful, serves perfectly to refute the realization of Jammu and Kashmir Pradesh.

China's reaction is predictable as clockwire, so the North Command knew their sudden move would not end in missiles hit Leh. They knew they were actually not risking at all.
However, by creating conflict, the establish of civil government in J&K would be haunted. The military gave a payback to New Dehli for undermining their dominance in Kashmir.

The action was so poorly coordinated because it was meant to.
Modi and BJP have don't know how to react because that action was not taken under their instruction.

This is only my guess bases on info we have.
We can judge how accurate it is by the progress of article 370 in coming years.
If the military rule stays, that means this old trick of military vs civil works again.

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Indian Surgical strike of banning 50 plus Chinese Digital applications is not only absurd but hilarious.If this is the response to #LadakhShame than India needs to stop spending 62 billion dollars on the Military and hand over the command of Military to Key Board warriors


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I think there is no point of retaliation in broad range. China can ban Indian movies, there were popular in Chinese market. That's enough.


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No it can't. It can project power else where because the other countries are concerned about their own problem rather than hitting them back. Of course hitting them back would require economy & military capability too.
For a century, the USA has been the largest (and most advanced) economy in the world.
At times, it was far larger than any competitor or group of competitors.

The USA is separated by the vast distance of the Pacific and Atlantic oceans.
It's so difficult to project military power across these distances, unless you have local bases and ports you can use.

The USA has 2 land neighbours which are small.
The US also typically had an economy that was 2x larger than everyone else in the Americas combined
So the USA did have enough economic and military influence to ensure no one establishes a hostile military alliance against the USA.
Which frees up the US military for expeditionary missions in distant lands.

NB. The modern exception is island-state Cuba, but what other country in the Americas wants to end up like Cuba?


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Also, it seems that all the Apps still work, just can't download if you don't have.

This will be easy to circumvent though.
Australia supporting India in the Himalayas is a disaster in the waiting for both Australia and India.

What happens if China-India actually get in a conflict over Lakakh?

If the Chinese military moves to liberate the "oppressed peoples of occupied Kashmir and Ladakh" - is Australia really going support the Indian Army?