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If that the case, then it unbecoming of Indian. You don't attack envoy or negotiator even if it from an enemy force.
Yes. According to Chinese sources, the commanding officer from the Indian side was recently transferred from Kashmir and is a bit of a hot head. Nothing like this has happened before.


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Overall Indian ultra nationalism is on the raise. There have been serious fights with Pakistan, removed special status of Kashmir and now these border clashes. India think they have an opportunity during the ongoing pandemic + current US admin with historic anti-China stance. I am afraid they are provoking China and trying to advance exactly like pre-war 1961-62 period. The move by India is a mistake and unnecessary. No good can come out of this. Alas, ultra nationalist cannot think logically.


This is what India did with Pakistan all the time until the US told them to cut it out because Pakistan wasn't concentrating resources on the fight against terrorism. And now they're doing it with China because they won't get complaints from Western countries until it's too late.


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Yet they have deploy around 232 tank on ladakh alone along with artillery brigades and more than 70,000 troops. along with all the necessary infrastructure to sustain a long campaign. no attrition is happening over Tibet. This is one fight PLA aint winning without a bloody nose. no matter what cheerleaders like to think.
One cannot build a whole infrastructure network to support some 70K the following day. It's more of a engineering problem than manpower when it comes to a mountainous region, hence it has little to do with paving an ordinary motorway or some railway construction. Sending the workforce after a supposed force amassing is another evidence how India neglects the logistics in general. We have numerous examples to support this assumption.