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Sources suggest that the Chinese have deployed HQ-16 in the region. Wouldn't be surprised if the HQ-17 followed suit.
Take a look at A Man's latest post on breaking news, those look be like HQ16 reloads on flat bed wagons on the way to Tibet and I am sure there are plenty more from where they come from and could be quikly manufactured at Chinese speed in an emergency.


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Truth about Hindustan's space tech lay in the cryogenic engine program. What Hindustan told the world about it's cryogenic engine program and what the truth is, are at opposite ends. Hindustan's cryogenic engine program finds its origin in Russia. During the late 1990s, when the West imposed sanctions on Hindustan for conducting nuclear tests. The Russians were obliged to withdraw its assistance to Hindustan's cryogenic engine program. Laurels sung in praise of Hindustani scientists accomplishing cryogenic engine development despite sanctions is a farce, a lie. What Hindustan has hidden from the world is that it failed miserably without Russian assistance. That only after clandestine Russian help, was Hindustan able to achieve success in developing cryogenic engines. That doesn't mean that anyone can take away from what they accomplished. What it does mean is the portrayal of invincibility, claims of being superior to others and bragging about something that wasn't truly their own achievement. Is unbecoming of a great nation. Nationalistic fervor, always tends to be corrupted by arrogance, lies and tall claims of accomplishments. Instead of acknowledging one's own limitations, making claims to something that isn't truly your own achievement. Is a sign of a weak nation, or rather a weak leadership of that nation.

If Hindustan can set aside it's vanity and come forward in accepting the reality that in the Continent of Asia, reside other great nations and visa-versa. Then China, Russia, Hindustan, Iran, Pakistan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Japan and Indonesia can truly make Asia a great and powerful continent. Join the One Road/One Belt, cooperate in trade and diplomatic relations with fellow Asian countries and rise as a continent with prosperity across the board. We would be wasting resources and time, If we continue to bicker and squabble amongst ourselves. And when we are wasting our precious resources and time on squabbles, others are taking full advantage of this. It is of course, at our expense.


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It's one thing for saying propaganda for other people to hear, but it takes a whole new know level when you start to believe in your own propaganda.


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India ahead of China in Space Technology? Every single one of these 5 points can be refuted. I have come to believe that this a sort of delusion on an epic level.

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And yet the western media doesn't point it out or refutes the Indian media false claims, but would go out of their way to paint the People's Daily as the government "mouth piece" and "propaganda" with sensationalism news.o_O

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China might use this, and other, contemporary 'crises' as an opportunity to accomplish a strategic mobilization, building-up its forces on to offensive operations combat-ready levels all contested and critical points at once. Yes, this would be very costly, but it could serve several purposes simultaneously. First, it would give the Chinese leadership a practical/experiential understanding of both this process, and of the Chinese armed forces' abilities in accomplishing this objective. Second, it would demonstrate those abilities while sending a message to 'interested parties' that China has the political, economic, and military will to accomplish and maintain a state of readiness that 'certain others' might find unattainable.

It might also provide Xi with an impressive backdrop to the upcoming party meetings!


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No, not ZTQs, but HQ-17s. SR-SAM system based on the Tor-M1 organic to elite combined brigades and mechanised divisions.

Also, DF-16s are being sent. They already have PHL-03 300mm MLRSs but apparently, that's not enough and they need Rocket Force SRBMs.
Do we have updated troop numbers for PLA personnel in the area?

I also find it strange that DF-16s are being sent, unless China's preparing to strike Indian Army and Air Force installations beyond the border and into the Indian subcontinent should a conflict arise. This would be a pretty big escalation to be honest. While it's undeniable that the bigger the war becomes, the more of an advantage the PLA will receive, it might become counter intuitive in the PR department, especially with the West's already pretty biased reporting regarding China.


Another option is "China getting in Kashmir" as Wang Wenli asked Indian journalists during a media conference held for Indian news outlets. If this part of border is in dispute as India says, so is Kashmir. If India justifies its involvement here on behalf of Bhutan, so can China get inside Indian controlled Kashmir on behalf Pakistan.

If China actually do something such as joint patrol with Pakistan or even limited incursion into Indian Kashmir, China can get even with India without any force used here. You stand on my territory, I stand on your claimed territory, I won't shot you, what would you do? That would be a good question for India to think of. And as Kashmir is not legally divided, China's move won't bear any legal problem.
two reason why that is a bad idea