Discussing Biden's Potential China Policy

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Great take from RT. I usual to think RT sits on the fence with matters relating to China and U.S. (I believed the Russians still hoping to be on the west's good book just like the good old G8 days). Now with the killer Putin, and the warmer strategic relationship with China. RT seem to take on a more of a pro-china role.

Just love this. America is going to be more like China to beat China. Lol

I follow RT on Twitter, granted only for few months. Compared to usual western media or AL Jazeera, it definitely is in pro China camp, loves to troll india too lol


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This is the Anglo free market capitalism: when the anglo whites are losing, they're going to threaten people with gunboat diplomacy if they don't get their way.

small wonder school shootings are a regular feature of american schools
"Free market" means free for the hegemon to plunder you at will...

"Democracy" means keep your sheeple open to our CIA brainwashing so we can retain the right to coup your government if you fall out of line or are late on your mafia protection monies payments

"Rules based order" is just the framework for the exceptional's exploitation of both its vassals and third world for resources....

And any challenge to any of the above or defence against it etc is a "destabalizing" event...

After all, its your fault for forcing the hegemon to have to preemptively strike you ....


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f35 are lemons anyway and i read somewhere that you need an activation code from the americans everytime you need to fly your jets to missions, without it your uber expensive f35s will only be garage queen
I read when MH370 first dissappeared they tracked the Boeing 777 to Indian ocean because the engines themselves had a means to communicate with satellites independant of the other airplane systems or the comms and transponders being shutoff, so they pinged more than one satellite and could do a rough triangulation of sorts....

Ironically MH370 flight was transporting 20 FreeScale semiconductor scientists to Beijing and there were rumors the cargo contained a secret lithography equipment or similiar tooling. Notable was this story was on CNN frontpage for an entire month back in 2013 and there was so many narratives including the MSM news saying it got swallowed up by a microblackhole or abducted by UFO... a stark contrasting juxaposition to the single laser focused narrative of Wuhan biolab leak, CPC bioweapon that the US news agencies were directed by CIA and US gov to "report" on these days...

The F-35 does have the activation requirement... in addition to the obvious reasons, it is also a backdoor tool of coercion by Uncle Sam, to retain the right to force its vassals to go along with whatever demands it cooks up down the road at the threat of the vassal's entire air force jets being bricked if they dont renege on retroactively banning Huawei or etc... (ie the UK as an example)

As America gets more and more desperate it will squeeze its vassals harder and harder, this is just one of the many "built in" leverage, its a feature not a bug