Discussing Biden's Potential China Policy

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China is trolling Biden, but is not playing a trick. China has consistently said that all of the tariffs must come off, thus letting the US now beforehand that releasing some tariffs only to benefit the US will not be seen as an "olive branch". China's position makes it clear for Biden that both choices are bad for the US because that's what friends are for. But I don't think China cares which way it goes.
I think China cares very much about Biden removing all tariffs not because it's hurting China's economy but rather because it would send a very important message to the world: the largest economy in the world launched an unprecedented trade war against China and then completely surrendered. Any other belligerent country would think twice before engaging in economic war against China.


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Or perhaps the dude, like any other American overhyped product, was just that, overhyped. All shit and no beef or something like that. The media in America has been creating the narrative that this dude was a maverick, a truth teller to power...LOL sure...and it seems to me that a lot of these American retired general officers ain't that bright as they have been advertised. Their combat record in strategic victory or lack thereof for the past 4 wars starting with the Korean War all the way to the Afghanistan War have been abject failures.
Tbh sounds like the ravings of another ultranationalist, far too dominant in American discourse ever since the end of ww2.

He speaks of an "American world order" what order? The order of Adolf Heusinger and Hans Spiedel? Of unit 731 and Nobusuke Kishi? Truth is, America collaborated with nazis and has acted like just another nazi for decades, enslaving, killing and raping millions, establishing reich kommisariats to drain the resources of the 3rd world.

He speaks of "restraint" yet the only restraint here is the grace shown by China and her allies to not even raise military spending after USA showed the world their horror in Yemen, Libya, Iraq, Yugoslavia, Vietnam and so on.

He speaks of "repression" while standing in a country where women get prosecuted for miscarrying. Where forced labor is legal and the largest forced labor force in the whole world. This grandstanding is as pathetic as back then when Imperial Japan was claiming to free Asia from western imperialism.

The only revanchist country here is the story of how a far right country in the end of ww2 was not satisfied with its lot as just a permanent UNSC member, not satisfied with being on the right side of history. It wanted more, it wanted to be master of the world. So, that country turned their back on the global community, pardoning war criminals and giving fully in to its nationalist tendencies.

It is because of this threat that Chinese remilitarization must happen. China spent decades doing nothing while America was rampaging across the world and increasing repression at home. Out of the original Allies in ww2, almost all of them have either succumbed to far right movements and/or collapsed economically into oligarchies, incapable of nation building. This is defintely something China could help fix by influencing friendly nations.

It is not enough for China to just find military allies, but they need to become ideological allies with improving life quality.

If China can help to achieve the end of oligarchy in Russia and the reform & opening up of NK, it will be a huge step forward for the whole world. Socialist countries with a confident and happy populace, high buying power and home ownership among youth, low inflation and strong industry are proven to be the best bulwarks against far right aggression.


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I also don't think China cares (@dengyeye) whether Biden, Trump or someone else comes in 2025. Biden's policy is not a change from Trump; it is simply a refinement. The establishment, if it is unable to block Trump, will find a way to manipulate/convince/force him to continue the refinements or "improvements", and to add some new ones. Either way none of it is working, because the core of the strategy, it's basic goals, are not based on reality.
Trump's mere existence ferments disunity within America. For that reason alone China should want him to win. Even from the grave Trump is fermenting disunity through the three supreme court judges he appointed.


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Yeah. The US withdrew troops from Europe and the Far East out of the goodness of their hearts. No, bullshit. Those troops, and some more, were used to fight conflicts all over Central Asia including in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria in a war and occupation which has lasted over 20 years and in the case of Iraq, and Syria, still is not over. Then there is basically US unlimited technical and material support for Saudi Arabia's war on Yemen. The fact is the US economy is a spent force. And if they did what he is talking about, it would be like the US entering WW2 while they were in the middle of the Great Depression. You will see the results if these fools prevail.

And in the meantime Russia and China are aggressive and militaristic for quelling foreign funded insurrections in their own territory. While the US fights wars on the other side of the globe.

No, this will just be Phony War 2.0.