CV-17 Shandong (002 carrier) Thread I ...News, Views and operations


I would have thought that the think-tanks would periodically release their own to drum up the China threat but alas we have to stay put with the blurry pictures and pixel counting lol
@Deino knows people who have access to better quality images. Maybe he could take a look. But he is definitely not allowed to further distribute pictures of better quality, maybe not even own them.


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Wow. I didn't realize we need a label to indicate the pennant number. They might as well label the ropes, tugs and the pier itself. :p

Just like we didn't realize that you need a label to tell you that a ship is berthing on a pier. Maybe we should put a label that says a car is parking on the side of a street.


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There was an image showing satellite photos of CV-17 at different stage of construction with timestamp. Anyone got a link to it?


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A nice magazine scan from the latest issue of Modern Ships.



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Audio is missing for part of the video, you can find the official video at
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Recent documentary on the history of China's naval ship designs including Typer 51, Type 52, Type 54 and CV-002. Some interesting facts include time between start of construction to commission was 6 years. The ski ramp angle was less than that of Liaoning to decrease the impact the plane have on the ship, this was was debated previously in this thread. Best use before date for nuclear weapon was 30 years, and 25 years for missles.