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According to the People’s Navy’s official WeChat public account today (2nd), according to Navy spokesperson 一Naval Colonel Gao Xiucheng, a few days ago, the Chinese Navy organized the Shandong ship aircraft carrier formation to conduct training in the relevant waters of the South China Sea. This is an example organized in accordance with the annual work plan. Operational training is completely legitimate and legal. It is conducive to improving the ability to safeguard national sovereignty, security, and development interests, and is conducive to maintaining regional peace and stability. It is hoped that the outside world will treat it objectively and rationally. In the future, the Chinese Navy will continue to organize similar exercises as planned.

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Depending on the training it's not unreasonable. Especially given the SCS is fairly saturated with PLAN vessels that could respond rapidly if needed.

Yeah, but still, if they couldn't scrap 2 Type 052D destroyers ( out of 17? in service ) and two Type 054A ( out of 30+ in service ) frigates for escort, then...:rolleyes: If anything else, just to practice sailing in a CBG formation.

I mean, do they have anything more important to do with their escort vessels than ESCORT the only two damn carriers they have?


I wonder, how many J-15 could the PLAN have? Now with two carriers in service, the number should be at least 70+...
I don't think at this stage China needs hundreds of J 15 since Type 03 is years away from completion My guess is they have 30 to 36 J 15 that is enough for 2 type 02 carrier. More important than J 15 is carrier based trainer jet it is is disappointing that nothing show up up to now. I see they make incremental improvement on JL9G but sofar no JL9G with hook except in the model
The digital model (DMU) of the on-board version of JL-9, on which we see the landing stick.