CV-17 Shandong (002 carrier) Thread I ...News, Views and operations


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Forward anchor hole.
Do i see a anchor chain hanging???
And the forward engine hole has got some sturcture around the hole.
Will it be fitted?

Plus look at the forward bridge part.
New deck added to it.


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according to
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30 August

MoD spokesman announces 2nd aircraft carrier, currently under construction at Dalian Shipyard, will be put to water „before year end“ ... „design similar to „Liaoning“ but 1.5 times larger“


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15 J-15 on the deck max, a Nimitz around 40 aircrafts easy.
For simultaneous take off and landing, I could add a coup[le of more.

One waiting behind the jet blast of each one getting ready to take off. That would mean 18.

...and being able to do both is the safest for the aircraft launching, who if they experienced a failure may need to circle around and land.

If they were in a massive strike mode and willing to take the risk, then without having to keep the landing area open, they could easily have 25+ aircraft on deck.

Or if they were lining up aircraft for a PR picture, they could put 30+ on deck.

But for simultaneous operations, 18 is going to be about it.