CV-17 Shandong (002 carrier) Thread I ...News, Views and operations


Cross deck operation is common carrier operation. Redundancy is an aviation principle. Read this:

"In this mission, Atheling’s role was secondary – though necessary. With her full wing in the air, a serious risk was posed during HMS Illustrious' recovery operations. A series of severe deck crashes could result in most of her aircraft running out of fuel and being forced to ditch.

The escort carrier was therefore present to operate as a ‘spare deck’, as well as a source of supporting CAP."
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An other example: "... On November 14th, the very first day of the carrier's flight operations over Syria, a MiG-29K fighter bomber crashed while landing. In that incident, the MiG crashed after it was forced into a holding pattern by another arrestor cable failure. While the waiting for the carrier deck crew to sort out the mess the MiG abruptly lost power to both engines, and the pilot was forced to eject ..."
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