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Is that an up-to-date photo? I ask because I've seen a satellite image from yesterday showing the carrier still outside the dry dock. Also, other earlier images show the dry dock as already being occupied by a large civilian ship that's under construction.

I need to correct my post from yesterday - sorry for that - but as it seems by the video below (thanks to @Ivan Lan), the CV-17 'Shandong' is not in the drydock at Dalian shipyard, since this is occupied by a large civiil vessel.

By the way it gives a great comparison to the size of a Type 055 DDG.

(First image Via @仙居 from Weibo)

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It looks like the two ships might be having a conversation.

Shandong: "Hey you, what are you doing here? This is my dock. Your dock is on the other side of the harbor. That spot is for my buddy 89."
Type 055: "Not like I have a choice, they sent me here. Its not like I'm staying here forever. I will be leaving for trials soon."

What's on the dock right now is quite important. It is obviously a large commercial ship. A very large one. But most importantly, they are not reserving this dock just for the maintenance of the two carriers. They are not planning any maintenance of the two carriers that would require the dock anytime soon, and if there is such an issue, they would have to use a commercial dock, which may have the space but not the equipment and personnel. The Shandong returning to Dalian might be all about minor issues, needing to adjust or replace something.


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So the J-15s are taking off with two MRSAMs and four SRSAMs. And is that a Z-18 with an AEW array on that artwork image?

XJP dresses with the Mao suite is sending a message but this isn't the place to discuss that.