CV-16 Liaoning (001 carrier) Thread II ...News, Views and operations


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always sailing very close to home

whats the longest deployments and furthest CV-16 has been ?
I wish they would sail further and carry out exercises on the edges of the nine-dash line. If not during peacetime then when?
The PLAN is fielding an impressive array of surface combatants, I just wish to see a 'little more bravado'. But the PLA has always taken a cautious approach, 'steadily but surely' that has been their trademark.

I just have the feeling, that to become a true 'superpower', it cannot just be the hardware and the electronics, but the 'attitude' that counts a lot.

Hoping to see the PLA and PLAN become even stronger, especially that the Americans are continually beating the 'wardrum'. Only China can keep Asia safe and stable from outside interferences. The Zhongnanhai needs to step up their diplomacy in the ASEAN, SEA, Mideast, Africa and South American regions, now more than ever.

Also, being a little more forthcoming and easing the flow of information would help a long way in shaping a positive image in that regard. Not just via Globaltimes or CGTN, but letting independent news outlets or sources to flourish.
Let the everyday Chinese people and families, their struggles, their failures, their successes and their joy etc be the news that is shown to the wider world.
Not just about GDP, Economics, Infrastructure, Military or electronics etc.
My two cents...!

asif iqbal

yes its a big deal

and yes it raises the bar

dual carrier operations is a big deal rather a huge deal but it was hardly that

not many countries can do it or even have them

however what you really want to is the deployment of two simultaneous carrier strike groups far from home

now thats called dual carrier operations with a full deck