CV-16 Liaoning (001 carrier) Thread II ...News, Views and operations


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always sailing very close to home

whats the longest deployments and furthest CV-16 has been ?
way out of homeport via Guam to SCS Sanya as I think
That's the reported furthest I've found. Link to article:
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This is actually better than I thought, as the furthest I knew about before was passing "outside" (east) of Taiwan.

Is anyone aware if the Liaoning (or the Shandong) has performed any manoeuvres involving the SCS bases? The quaysides and sheltered anchorages at Subi and Mischief islands would seem large enough to be able to handle a carrier. I've no idea about the depth profiles though, but I'd be surprised if the harbour facilities weren't developed with carriers in mind, at least on these islands - Firey Cross seems a bit tight. I'd like to see Liaoning or her sister tie up at a quayside in the Spratleys someday.


There are enough unsinkable aircraft carriers (islands with runways) in the SCS. This is not an area where an Chinese aircraft carrier would be useful.