CV-16 Liaoning (001 carrier) Thread II ...News, Views and operations

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I am not sure what it can achieve. The ship doesn't have the mission or purpose of being deployed as USN carriers have even if it is still capable of staying in sea at months at a time. Where would it go? For what reason? So it goes to the Philippine Sea with a task force, goes around it, then heads back. Most of the time its in the Yellow Sea, training pilots, so it doesn't stay far from the J-15 training base. Part of this might be because of the political atmosphere caused by and surrounding the ship.
Tam, I understand all those things you mentioned. I just want to know how much time the ship has spent at sea in the last 18 months. By the way I'm not comparing CV-16 to any other CV on this planet. I'm curious. I just want to know.Thank you.

And by the way the ship, if active, needs to be at sea regularly to keep those shipmates trained up so when the time comes they will be able to operate the ship safely and efficiently if they ever deploy anywhere.
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