CV-16 Liaoning (001 carrier) Thread II ...News, Views and operations


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Exactly China has one of the largest power plant industry in the world and Built everything domestically for decades know China is self sufficient when it come to power plant equipment They have been exporting it all over the world for decades To say that China has no experience in steam turbine is ridiculous and reflect the ignorance and lack of knowledge about China power plant industry

Most likely Liaoning power plant has been completely rebuilt or retube They mention that in the press
So no more Ukrainian stuff left. He show wrong type of boiler anyway. I guess snake at one time posted the O boiler. He still here maybe he can repost that boiler sketch
Of course I can :)


asif iqbal

For years we have seen Type 054A and Type 052D and Type 903 tanker doing foreign visits

Dont get me wrong great ships and occasionally even the LPD has shown up

But now we will start seeing carrier, Type 901 and Type 055

Big boys are now in town

Imagine a surface action group consisting of

4 x Type 055
1 x Type 901
1 x SSN

Transiting the Suez Canal

That will have some serious faces looking


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I have never seen the Type 056 operating with larger ships other than the Type 054A, so that pic is a plus.