Coronavirus 2019-2020 thread (no unsubstantiated rumours!)


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History is evolving not repeating. Different times back at 1918, different times 102 years later. Btw i said viable. Dropping infated money into the sink to move a dead corpse, and later send the bill to taxpayers isn't viable. How about governments debt? We faced it and nowdays we facing it in the hardway, capitalist economics Is black humour joke. Any way all we can do is wait and see!


Or the entire Indian medical system is broken.
I truly hope they are not expecting 70% of Indians to be infected. What will they say if India manages to stay well below their 70% mark... How should they solve the great India puzzle then?

In fact, the confirmed cases in South Korea, one of the earlier epicenters, have dropped significantly. they now have a total of 9241 confirmed cases after testing >270,000 people. With a population of >50 million, the infection rate would be 0.018%, so much below 70% (the mark set by the Indian experts). The SK infection rate is about 3 times higher than China's overall, surely well below that of Hubei province, the epicenter in China. So how should they solve the South Korea puzzle?

Just did a search, Hubei province has a population of 58.5 million and a total confirmed COVID-19 cases of 67801, which yields an infection rate of 0.117%. That's 10 times higher than SK...
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Only if you lack imagination and history. Spanish flu did far worse heck even Swine flu. The economies will recover from this, even for profit.
I agree completely. Unlike other natural disasters that destroy infrastructures and facilities, this one simply halts things. Everything will still be in its place by the time this is over. People will go back to what they do the next day and everything will be back to 100%. People will forget about this and kisses and hugs will come back too...
most of those have been NYC cases. Which skew the numbers.
farther more the deaths related to pneumonia’s often sit in those numbers.

The States decide how to react. However even then it’s not entirely clear cut. California is on a Lock down as is Massachusetts, Washington state and New York State. But in the case of NY most of the cases are in NYC not the more rural upstate.
California again it’s mostly centered in the cities LA county and the Bay Area has a hugely dense population almost like a mega city.
in Washington state it’s centered to in King county.
as such most of the rest just have a handful of cases. Lockdown orders impose huge penalties of economic hardships. They can make matters worse as if you can’t get food or basic functions you bring in worse issues.
The cure is worse than the disease.
California has had over a third of the unemployment claims thus far as nonessential business closed.
thats destructive.
The company I work for has recently responded by cutting a shift from my work place. My shift in fact as such I am burning vacation time to make up for it and using some of my savings. I am not happy about that. But that’s what a lock down does.
I have to state the obvious which is my perception is affected by my environment

(= the country under a partial lockdown that is enforced),

so I understand somebody who lives in a completely different environment

(= a country where no countermeasures are enforced)

may have a completely different perception,

and personally I wouldn't try to say who's right or wrong, because I don't know that (only God knows that);

now, after a much longer chunk I normally write, I say briefly this:

the US approach is 'business first' while in Central Europe it's 'preventing deaths first'

(and many people are scared -- in a minute I'll post about a survey of what people in Poland say they do during a partial lockdown),

and I pray both will work
sorta continuation of 12 minutes ago:

the first question was like 'Did you leave the house since the lockdown?' (= March 14, I assume)
YES 77% (the blue bar below -- to the right you can see a breakdown of answers by age "WIEK")
NO 23% (!)

the second question like 'What was the purpose to leave the house'
WORK 43%



"the engineer"
Only if you lack imagination and history. Spanish flu did far worse heck even Swine flu. The economies will recover from this, even for profit.
Totally agree. This is a black swan event and weak companies will die and the strong will survive. Companies with strong balance sheets will take this opportunity to take over small players and expand.

Lack of savings or too aggression expansion of companies that got shocked by this can learn a lesson.

For small mom and pop shops, I feel for them, but again, they shouldn't have too much expenditures right now either.