Coronavirus 2019-2020 thread (no unsubstantiated rumours!)


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Don’t think me cold blooded or deliberately trying to screw India over, but I actually think the world needs to work to actively deny India access to vaccines at this point.

The reasons are that at their current stage of infection, vaccines are basically useless to do much meaningful good due to the long time needed for vaccine immunity to kick in, and the limited global available quantity of vaccines.

Even if there were enough vaccines available to inoculate the entire Indian population, there isn’t sufficient time to get enough people vaccinated to achieve herd immunity minimum percentage of population before the virus naturally gets there first given the massive head start the virus already have and the speed of its spread.
That's a good point. But then geopolitics become a factor (when has it ever been not!). Whether useful or not, nations will try to lend a hand. Ultimately, I don't think the west cares must about India. They may even be in schadenfreude behind their walls.


You know it doesn't really sound like India is the international vaccine juggernaut as claimed. They're just the cheap factory outsourced by the West. If they're dependent on the West for all their raw medical ingredients to make vaccines, they aren't a powerhouse. If all these Western countries are desperate for vaccines from India... good luck with eliminating China from your supply chain. Do you see China's medical supply line in chaos...? And just imagine if China surrendered to adopt their way of doing things. It would be a horror show with the West in charge and no one would know there were better choices.
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But India is socialist. Similar to Vietnam in overall development. India can also "socially mobilize". How do they conduct elections if otherwise.
No, unlike Vietnam, China, North Korea and Cuba (all with public land ownership), India is a capitalist state, building on the foundation of private property (land in India is private) and serving the interest of the capitalists. That's why its ruling class has no interest in saving their masses, even if it can mobilize.
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If you want to have a laugh, read the "Global Health Security Index". You may have seen this chart trending on twitter a few months ago:

Yeah yeah, it's another American think tank created to tell Americans their government is doing a great job.

But what you probably didn't see is the full report which includes all countries.

India is ranked 57th overall, above many more developed Asian nations but a few below China.
But under the section "rapid response to and mitigation of the spread of an epidemic", they ranked 32nd. ABOVE China and just below
Japan! Did Modi write this report??

You can laugh at the report here:
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I wonder how many western pharmaceutical companies decided to set up their expensive vaccine sweatshops in India based on this.