Chinese USV Development Thread


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New USV just dropped. Do we have a USV thread yet?

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A model of the USV from a trade show a few years ago, we can see that it's evolved a bit since then.


Notably we can see that apart from a bow autocannon, it has a VLS in the main central "deckhouse-esque" structure, and torpedo tubes, and that the helipad can handle small helicopter UAVs. It looks like there is some sort of stern equipment below the helipad, unsure if that is some sort of towed sonar or something else.

It's 58m long and 18.1m width overall, 340 tons.

For comparison
Type 22 FAC is 42m long, 12.2m width overall, 220 tons
056 corvette is 90m long, 11m beam, 1500 tons
Sea Hunter (trimaran USV from USN) is 40m long, 145m tons

This is not a small USV. And if it is indeed equipped with the depicted sensors, weapons and facilities the art and model depicts, it could make for a fairly comprehensive and complex technology demonstrator.

Of course similar to many UAV technology demonstrators, what we see here is not necessarily a true threshold spec, mass procureable USV that the PLAN will want to buy in large numbers.
But for demonstrating and validating technologies, procedures and certain systems.... it could be quite useful.


Satellite view.



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There are a lot of things going on with this new USV. Trimaran hull, low radar signature design, apparently wave piercing bow, hybrid propulsion, 100% Chinese origin and most importantly autonomy. I'm impressed.