Chinese USV Development Thread


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Does China have a similar project regarding the US-made LUSV ship?


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A corporate image of the JARI unmanned patrol boat from CSSC.



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China has started to build the country’s most advanced large unmanned ship, the vessel’s manufacturer announced on Wednesday.

Led by the No.716 Research Institute of China State Shipbuilding Corporation Limited (CSSC), the large unmanned ship project had a ceremony to celebrate the start of its construction on Tuesday, according to a WeChat post released by the institute on Wednesday.

This means that the ship, being the most advanced among its kind in China, has officially entered the construction phase, the institute said.

Featuring a high-speed hydrofoil trimaran design, the drone ship is characterized by its high speed, long endurance and fully domestically developed propulsion system, in addition it can independently carry out missions under different scenarios, the press release said.

No details were given, including information about the designation, the exact size or the types of missions for which the ship will be employed.

The CSSC No.716 Research Institute is an organization that contributes to national defense and public service with electronic equipment and technology, according to the institute.