Chinese USV Development Thread


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The amphibious drone Sea Lizard. with presumably retractable treads.


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Thanks for the share.

This USV looks gigantic. Do you know its load-capacity ?

From just eyeballing, it's about the size of one and a half ZBD05. It likely won't have much armour and be mostly hollow so i guess it should be quite a lot. Maybe the full weight is the equivalent of two zbd05 (40t)?


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Boat has a disproportionately sized SATCOM, and it looks like one of the standard domes used in every other PLAN warship. This means the boat is intended to connect and network along the same satellite constellation the PLAN is using, allowing data to be interchanged with other vessels over a vast area that is well beyond the horizon. This speaks that the boat may not be a mere proof of concept experiment, but something that may have intentions of being used.

This antenna is likely to be a Ku-band. High transmission rate means potential real time optical video transmission.

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Ku band maritime antenna is our latest innovative product with optimized performance. With the patented inertial navigation system (INS), the platform is designed to withstand the most rough sea conditions. Also, it is compatible with all broadband satellite communications link for voice, data and real time image service. The product supports all the satellite communication networks and featured fast automatic satellite acquisition, unsurpassed pointing accuracy and easy non-professional operation.
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