Chinese Remote Weapons Station


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CS/AR-1 55mm anti-frogman grenade launcher.

This should really fall under the Naval forum... But it is a RWS after all.





This last weapons station design seems a little silly.

You have a nice 360 camera array, but also what looks to be a big flip-up IR/UV floodlight bank that will block your view of the rear unless you extend the camera array high up.

But even then, presumably you are going to be near blind in the rare since if that camera array had decent night vision optics installed, there would be no need for the IR floodlights, which means that even when elevated and not physically blocked, the 360 cameras are not going to be able to see much in the dark.

That's not even bring up what a giant target this RWS will make itself by actively emitting IR light like that.

If they intend to stick this on an unmanned vehicle, fair play, but I would not want to one of the guys in the IFV that has one of these installed.

I appreciate decent night vision gear is expensive, and you don't need top of the line night vision in all of those ports, but some corners you just should not cut.

I would have opted to do away with the active illuminators and installed basic thermal imaging cameras above the day time camera in the array, with a high end 3rd gen, 3rd Gen+, at least, night vision optic installed in the main camera.

The TI array acts as your nighttime general early warning, it doesn't need to give you much detail, only to alert you that something is there, so you can pan your main camera around to take a proper look.


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The flip up thing is some kind of acoustic non lethal weapon I believe.

I believe it will only be used in less intensive situations where non lethal force is required. I suspect the LED lights on the weapon is to warn the targets that they are being targeted, before using the weapon if they don't comply.


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I suspect Wolf that what we are seeing is actually modules that can be added and in this case for some reason the marketing team just bolted on all the option modules. In actual practice I would hope they limit it to one or two of these bits. the heart of the system seems sound for a APC or UGV.