China's SCS Strategy Thread


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But at the same time, these things are just the icing on the cake. PLAN without AShBM and HGV weapons is already quite formidable with soon to be/nearly 5x Type 055s, 13x 052D, 6x 052C, 30x Type 054A, close to 40 quiet camping SSNs, 6x Type 093/B, YJ-18, YJ-12, and more AShM and ASh cruise missiles than I can remember, all fighting a regional war with full PLAAF support and where PLARF are going to send hundreds of cruise and ballistic missiles onto each regional US base. So even ignoring the AShBM and HGVs and in future H-20 and JH-xx support, it'll be a fairly challenging fight even for the USN which admittedly is just miles ahead of literally every navy on the planet when it comes to capability and quantity. China's advantage here is range of fighting and range of supply lines.
Essentially coming to main core, large fleet of PLAN surface combatants against USN large fleet of air fighters.


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Last week I watched a live youtube video stream and a guest appeared on that show said China military spokesman recently reiterated China nukes retaliation 3 principle warnings:

#1 if China carrier’s came under attacked and sunken by any conventional weapons or nuke weapon during a first strike.

#2 if its nuclear submarine being under attacked and sunken by conventional or nuke weapon.

#3 if its civilians or civilian facilities such as the Georges Dam came under terrorist attack or by conventional/nuclear weapon in war scenario would lead to nuclear retaliations (includes SCS area).

I’m still trying to verify the claim online, if anyone heard it or that’s fake news please update.


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Is China serious in defending its man made islands?
Frankly, it does not matter. Here is why. With even a minimal force on those islands, the US or any other adversary would have to treat them with respect. And that probably means a preliminary strike, if things got to that point. And what that does is alert China.

If someone was dumb enough to invade and try to hold those islands, well now they are a stationary target on a place that is very hard to defend if you don't control all avenues leading to that point.

Either situation is a pretty good one for China.


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Eueasiantimes....I found their articles on China are mostly bashing in nature.
There is a risk of that happening. And that risk is the highest in the next 3-4 months. It will remain somewhat high in the next 10 years or so.

After that, the chance of conflict declines drastically because the power discrepancy between the two countries would be much less by then.

Raw power is the best deterrent


Well china is ready and has been increasing the training tempo

China conducts military drills in South China Sea

July 30, 2020, 5:49 AM

China's expanding military presence in the region has worried several of its neighbours (AFP Photo/-)
Beijing recently conducted "high-intensity" naval exercises in the South China Sea, China's defence ministry said Thursday, as tensions grow over the Asian power's manoeuvres in the contested waters.
China's expanding military presence in the region has worried several of its neighbours, while the US has vowed to stand up against Beijing's territorial claims to much of the South China Sea, including the contested Paracel Islands.

Chinese H-6G and H-6J jet bombers carried out "high-intensity training, and completed day-and-night training exercises in taking off and landing, long-range assault, and attacks on sea targets," defence ministry spokesman Ren Guoqiang said at a virtual press conference Thursday.
Ren said the exercises were part of routine training and had "achieved the expected results", without giving their specific location.